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Why T&L Premium?

Elevate your business with T&L Premium corporate premium gifts. Experience the difference as our creative DNA and detail-oriented approach deliver exceptional service and value, taking your business to new heights.

Detail Oriented

Our team of experts are devoted to providing you with the best service, ensuring that each and every detail is met with precision.

With our detailed oriented approach, you can rest assured that your needs are taken care of.

Product Development And Bespoke Packaging

Our team specializes in product development and bespoke packaging solutions tailored for all industries.

With specialized product development services, you can customize a package or design to meet your specific needs.

Experienced Third-Party Logistics Service Providers

We provide end-to-end solutions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and scale quickly to meet the demands of the ever-changing global marketplace.

We have extensive knowledge in transportation, warehousing, inventory management, customs compliance and other areas that drive efficiency and success.

Simplified Procurement Process

We simplify the procurement process, so you can focus on growing your business.

Let us take care of sourcing materials, coordinating production schedules and managing suppliers – so
you have more time to focus on what really matters.

Creative DNA - "Out of Box Thinking"

Creative thinking is our DNA and we encourage out-of-the-box solutions for all your business needs.

Our team is equipped with skillful innovators who come up with unique solutions for even the most complex challenges.

Partnerships with credible Brands

We collaborate with the most trusted and credible partners, such as Apple, Robinsons, Pierre Cardin, Xiaomi, Dreame, Amazfit & Yeelight for our corporate gifts and rewards.

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Our Services

Trust our decades of experience in delivering innovative and personalized corporate gifting solutions, enhancing your business relationships with elegance and distinction.


Procurement & Manufacturing

Shipment & Logistics

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Our Clients

Hear from Our Clients

The Remarkable Journey of Trust, Excellence, and Impact with T&L Premium’s Corporate Gifting Solutions

Client 1

Handling our nationwide corporate gifting for Petronas, TLPremium flawlessly delivers, from executive acknowledgements to project completion tokens – they consistently amaze us!

Client 2

TLPremium expertly orchestrates our premium gifting needs across Malaysia for Shopee, encompassing VIP rewards, event mementos, and grand opening gifts – they truly excel

Client 3

For all our corporate gifting needs at CIMB, spanning high-profile client gifts to employee recognition, we rely on TLPremium – they are simply unmatched!

Client 4

TLPremium is at the helm of our distinctive gifting in Malaysia for Maybank, including leadership gifts, staff appreciation, and anniversary commemorations.

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