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As the authorised corporate reseller for Viomi, we offer a prime opportunity to connect with the advanced world of IoT-enabled appliances. Viomi, renowned for its broad portfolio of intelligent products, signifies a marriage of superior performance and smart technology.

Our curated selection from Viomi focuses on state-of-the-art household cleaning appliances, purifiers, and smart kettles. These products are not just notable for their technical prowess but also for their ability to transform everyday routines into seamless, efficient experiences.

For corporate buyers and brand marketers, offering Viomi’s sophisticated range means delivering cutting-edge, high-perceived value products to your clientele. For rewards managers, it means providing rewards that resonate with a discerning consumer base that appreciates smart technology incorporated into household utilities.

Together with Viomi, we bring to Malaysia a new brand of home appliances that stands for quality, innovation, and intelligent living, providing you with the tools to differentiate your brand and make a lasting impact.

Viomi Robot Vacuum & Cordless Vacuum
Viomi Robot Vacuum & Cordless Vacuum

Viomi Air Purifier
Viomi Air Purifier

Viomi Smart Kettle
Viomi Smart Kettle

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